Solar Partners

Site Rentals

FTE Solar has entered into long-term roof leases with Baystate Engineering of Holliston, MA for its two Holliston installations.  FTE Solar is seeking additional suitable sites to rent for future solar installations.  Sites should be a minimum of 20,000 square feet for roof mounted and 100,000 square feet for ground mounted.

Net-Metering Credits

FTE Solar is currently generating net-metering credits with Eversource in the SEMA load zone.  Contact FTE Solar if you are currently an Eversource customer in the SEMA load zone and interested in acquiring net-metering credits to reduce your electric bill.

Solar Renewable Energy Certificates

FTE Solar is currently generating Solar Renewable Energy Certificates under the Massachusetts SREC II Program. Contact FTE Solar if you are interested in purchasing SREC's.​


Solar Flair Energy Inc. of Ashland MA is FTE's design/engineer partner. The engineering, procurement and construction of the Holliston project was performed by Solar Flair Energy.

Solar Flair will also perform the long-term operations and maintenance on the two systems.

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